Machinery Manufacturers

Machinery Manufacturers



Business Area / Product

Type of Assistance

Armsel Ltd Bangalore Electric Cranes & Hoists Training & Consultancy
Avasarala Automation Ltd. Bangalore. Special Purpose Machines Training
Avery India Ltd. Bangalore Weighing Balance Auditing
BMD Industries Ltd. Tumkur Foundry Machinery Auditing
Disa India Bangalore Foundry Machinery Total Consultancy for ISO 9001 1994
DISA India Ltd. Hoskote & Tumkur Foundry Machinery ISO 9001 2000
Electrex (Hitatchi) Ltd. Bangalore. Portable Electric Tools Total Consultancy ISO 9001 1994
Georg Fischer Disa Ltd. Hoskote Foundry Machinery & Air pollution Control Equipment ISO 14001 Total Consultancy
Georg Fischer Disa Ltd. Tumkur Foundry  Machinery ISO 14001 Total Consultancy
IPA Private Limited Bangalore Weighing System and strain guages Total Consultancy ISO 9001 1994 &ISO 9001 2000
Jakob Muller Ltd. Bangalore Textile Machinery Total Consultancy ISO 9001  2000
Karnataka Disabled Engineering Works Bangalore Engineering Products Total Consultancy ISO 9001 2000
Mysore Kirloskars Ltd Harihar Foundry Consultancy
S.G. Equipments Pvt Ltd Bangalore Kitchen Equipment Total Consultancy for ISO 9002 1994 & ISO 9001  2000