Stellar Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., offers Consultancy Services, Training, Auditing and strategic advice across a broad spectrum of business / industry providing a complete range of ISO services that enable our clients to understand, certify and maintain their ISO system.

Stellar’s approach does not require adopting unfamiliar ISO procedures but is based on aligning your existing activities to the requirements of the ISO standard. We have over the past 20 years successfully implemented systems, in hundreds of companies. We have trained many thousands of companies’ personnel including several professional auditors.

There are several Certification bodies that we at Stellar have worked with over the past two decades. Stellar does not recommend any particular certification body but we will work in partnership with any accreditated certification body as selected by our clients.

Stellar has Integrated several combination of Management System with the business requirements and this is an important step to achieve better productivity.

Stellar’s Maintenance of Management System standards is a continuous monitoring programme and is less expensive than having a full-time employee committed to the standards initiative.