On-Site ISO Consultancy

On-Site ISO Consultancy

On-Site ISO Consultancy gets you our expert consultant who will implement, audit and work with the ISO Standards.

At Stellar Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., our On-site consultancy would include the following services:

  • System Analysis / Gap Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • In-House Training on System Awareness
  • Consultancy for Document Preparation
  • Consultancy for Implementation
  • In-House Training and Examination for Internal Audits
  • Assistance in performing Internal Audits
  • System Fine Tuning
  • Pre-Audit

System Analysis / Gap Analysis

  • In-Depth Analysis of existing Management System
  • Comparison with System Requirements of ISO Existing Management System / NABH requirements
  • Identify weak and strong areas
  • Identify systems which require to be introduced/modified
  • Preparation Of a report covering the above

Project Planning

  • Preparation of Project Work Planner
  • Preparation of Responsibility Matrix
  • Assist Management in setting up a Steering Committee
  • Assist Management in choosing a Management Representative

Training Courses – On  Awareness

  • Awareness – Half day course for Top Management
  • Awareness – One day course for Staff

Training Courses – Auditing

  • Internal Audit – Two days course for selected auditors

Consultancy Support During Documentation

  • Preparation of draft of level 1 System Manual
  • Assist assigned company in-personnel, in preparing /modifying Procedures, Work Instructions, Forms (Level 2,3 and 4)
  • Review of prepared documents
  • Assist in formal release of documents

Consultancy Support During Implementation

  • Interact with company personnel and assist in understanding the prepared documents
  • Support in smooth implementation
  • Training personnel on newly introduced/modified system elements
  • Assistance in modifying documents based on feedback from implementation

Consultancy Support During Internal Audits

  • Assistance to MR  in preparing an annual audit plan
  • Guidance to plan
  • Guidance to selected auditors to perform the audits and prepare reports
  • Guidance to the head of departments to propose and implement corrective action
  • Assistance in conducting management review meeting

System Fine Tuning

  • Assistance in modifying (If required) the documents, based on feedback from internal audits.
  • Review documents prior to submission to the certification body (For Adequacy audit)

Pre audit

  • Prepare the company for the final certification audit by conducting pre-audit (rehearsal)
  • Assist in carrying out the necessary corrective actions based on the results of pre audit and Stage 1 audits