ISO Certification in India

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ISO Certification in India

Stellar provides the best ISO Certification in India and is regarded as one of the best by all of our clients.

ISO Certification in India

Best ISO Certification/Accreditation Service Provider in India for software companies, hospitals and more.

To become Certified / Accredited, a business must develop a Quality / Environment / Safety / Occupational Health/ Energy / Hospital Management System and other  management system standards, that meets the requirements of the standard intended.

The certification / accreditation has to follow a few steps:

  • Documents Review
  • Pre-audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Verification and Corrective Actions (If needed)
  • External Audit
  • Verification and Corrective Actions (If Needed)
  • Certification / Accreditation

Once your System has been documented and implemented, you must invite an accredited external auditor to evaluate the effectiveness of your system. If the auditors determine that your System meets all requirements as specified in the standard, they will certify your System. You can then announce to the world that the quality of our products / services is managed, controlled, and assured by a Registered System.

The certification procedures are the same for almost all International Standards, but there are various certifying Bodies. COPC certification is given by COPC itself and CMMi by SEI.

Hospital accreditation is given by NABH.

Keeping in mind the cost and the necessity, we would assist you in choosing the certification body, that is most relevant to your Organization / Company / Hospital.