General Engineering

General Engineering

General Engineering, Fabrication , Welding Electrodes, Transformer/ Radiator, Boilers, Heat Pipes, Pressed Components, Weighing Machine, Fibre glass Components, Grinding Wheels , Submersible Pump set,  Lifts and Elevators , Aerospace components,  Engineering items, Manufacture and Sales, Drum Closures, Fabrication & Plated Items & Aluminium Castings, Kitchen Equipment , Pressed Components  & Castings, Steel Drums, Storage Racks , Solar Water Heating Systems, Precision Machining, Pressure Cooker, Diesel Engine.



Business Area / Product

Type of Assistance

Air Master Bangalore Fabrication Consultancy and Training
Cauvery Electrodes Ltd. Bangalore Welding Electrodes Auditing & Consultancy
Deepthi Radiators (P) Ltd. Bangalore Transformer/ Radiator Training & Consultancy
Deutsche Babcock Blackedurr Bangalore Boilers Training
Elbeam Devices Bangalore Heat Pipes Total consultancy
Emcee Pressings  Ltd. Bangalore Pressed Components Total Consultancy ISO 9002 1994
Essae Technologies Bangalore Weighing Machine Total Consultancy
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (P) Ltd. Bangalore Fibre glass Components Training & Consultancy
Graphite India Ltd. Bangalore Grinding Wheels Training
Arihant industries Bangalore Submersible Pump set Total Consultancy
Hephzi Elevators Pvt Ltd Bangalore Lifts and Elevators Total Consultancy
J. S. Precision Bangalore Aerospace components Total Consultancy
Kamtress Bangalore Fabrication Total consultancy
Kansa Enterprises Bangalore Engineering items Auditing
North Pacific Crane Company USA Manufacture and Sales Total Consultancy
Nucor Weld Bangalore Welding Electrodes Total Consultancy
Proseal Closures (P) Ltd. Bangalore Drum Closures Total Consultancy ISO 9002 1994
Rass Group of Companies K.G.F. Fabrication & Plated Items & Aluminium Castings Total Consultancy ISO 9001 2000
S. G. Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Kitchen Equipment Total Consultancy  for ISO 9002 1994 & ISO 9001  2000
Sansu Automotives Pvt.  Ltd. Bangalore Pressed Components  & Castings Total Consultancy
Shivashakthi Engineering Bangalore Steel Drums Auditing
Spaceway Design Industries Bangalore Storage Racks Auditing
Steel Storage & Systems Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Storage Racks Auditing
Sunzone Solar Systems Bangalore Solar Water Heating Systems Auditing
Times Enterprises Hosur Precision Machining Auditing
TT Prestige Ltd. Bangalore & Hosur Pressure Cooker Training
DPK Engineers Pvt Ltd Bangalore Diesel Engine Total Consultancy ISO 9001 2008